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New plant (sort of)

Pineapple This pineapple was destined to be sold as a cut flower and eventually tossed, a fate I’ve hopefully saved it from (it may end up not being used as a cut flower and tossed anyway if it doesn’t work). … Continue reading

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New Plant – Red Mangrove / Rhizophora mangle

Fairly inexpensive for a propagule like one of these so might be worth trying. They can (apparently, I’ve had these only for a number of hours now) tolerate a wide range of conditions from fresh (with extra Magnesium) to brackish … Continue reading

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Kniphofia ‘Papaya Popsicle’

Kniphofia ‘Papaya Popsicle’ New plant. Got it super cheap, hope I’ve got the drainage for it. Tangentially related: At work we sort the perennials by common name. Sometimes this results in unfortunate combos like Peony, Phlox, Pincusion Flower (can you … Continue reading


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An unfortunately timed order from an excellent company

I have been on the lookout for Amorphophallus bulbifer for a little while now. Last year I tried ordering seeds from a Canadian company and it was a failure, the seeds that needed to be sown fresh were dry an … Continue reading

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Persicaria polymorpha

Everyone who can grow this should. Thrives in wet soils in sun but as you can see it can still be quite impressive in dry shade. It would likely make an excellent hedge where traditional shrubby plant materials might be … Continue reading

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New Plant, Sedum tetractinum

Sedum tetractinum This is a low spreading Sedum with interesting smooth leaves (setting it apart from the very common ‘Dragon’s Blood’ type Sedums) and pink stems. Fairly normal Sedum-like yellow flowers are nice but I’m definitely growing this for the … Continue reading

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New Plant: Twilite Prairieblues™ False Indigo

Baptisia x variicolor ‘Twilite’ (Twilite Prairieblues™ False Indigo) – Flowers are actually a little darker than this, but not by a huge amount. I have a spot that needed filling and a section of the garden that typically doesn’t get … Continue reading

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New Plants

Just because I haven’t been posting as much recently doesn’t mean I haven’t been up to my old ways of hoarding plants. Even though my garden is distinctly full right now I’ve managed to collect the following: Asarum canadense – … Continue reading

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Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day – April 2011

Compared to last April I can see we’re still a little behind last year, but clearly all the new bulbs I planted in the fall are making my April garden much more interesting. The patch of Daffodils I showed last … Continue reading

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Toronto Gesneriad Society Show 2011 – New Plants

While the sales table was not as exciting as it was last year there were still some good plants to be found. Especially interesting was a table or two full of some gorgeous new Russian hybrid Saintpaulias. Saintpaulia ‘Ma’s Winter … Continue reading

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