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Magnolia gradiflora & Myrtus communis seeds

Well lets try this seed thing again! I think last time the biggest problem was dry seeds that were no longer viable. You can’t get much fresher than these though! We go through a lot of Magnolia gradiflora leaves, but … Continue reading

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Picture Archives: Europe 2008 Part 2: The Netherlands, Switzerland & Italy.

Young Ginkgo biloba trees line a street in Wassenaar. Hortus Botanicus, Amsterdam. I think I’d have appreciated this more now. Regardless, it was closed when I was there. Not such a huge deal at the time but in hind site … Continue reading

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More Bougainvillea pictures

Sorry to those who can grow these outdoor for whom this is nothing special but for me this plant keep exceeding my expectations so you get to keep hearing about it. I did not expect blooms mid branch. I’m am … Continue reading

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Bougainvillea in flower

Bougainvillea My Bougainvillea is making an excellent case for making itself a permanent member of my plants that will fill my house when the weather gets cold. It’s putting on such a great show I think it would be a … Continue reading

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Bougainvillea in bud

A customer bought this plant in May, then let it get hit by some overnight cold and bam, returned. When I brought it home it looked absolutely terrible! few (if any) leaves, most that were on the plant were damaged … Continue reading

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