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More container designs, Part 2

We got a shipment of some very interesting things and I had to play around. Tall birch, upright Myrtle and Leucadendron ‘Safari Sunset’ for height, a fan of Magnolia (because it’s what I always use), large Sugar pine cone and … Continue reading

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More container designs, Part 1

I don’t remember the prices for all of these off hand (I barely remember making some of them, it was a very busy weekend!) but here are a few containers I’ve made up over the last week or two. This … Continue reading

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Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day – November 2010

This November it’s all about the indoor plants. There are hardy plants still blooming but none are mine (Two roses in bud but neither opened in time for today) and I don’t feel like wandering out into the cold (not … Continue reading

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Great Link: J.G. in S.F.’s Flickr Photostream

I think I got the link to J.G. in S.F.‘s photostream (all pictures below are his, used here under CC license) on Flickr back from Megan a while back. I was not blown away at first by the plants on … Continue reading

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Two plant updates

The Aechmea fasciata has been with me most of the summer, the Zantedeschia is a more recent acquisition. I was going to separate the three Aechmea fasciata pups but instead decided to just remove the mother plant and let the … Continue reading

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Salvia elegans flowers

For whatever reason my Salvia elegans was late to flower this year, and it’s already moved inside the house. When it’s this cold outside though we get to enjoy them more this way. They seem to be opening a lot … Continue reading

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Acalypha wilkesiana update

The last time we saw this plant it was as an un-rooted cutting, and I had no idea what it was. Now we’ve made some progress – It’s a rooted cutting, and I think it’s probably an Acalypha wilkesiana It … Continue reading

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