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SOOS Orchid Show, Part 4: Cymbidiums

Big impressive plants I don’t have a lot of luck with and don’t really have room for. I think even the bigger rounder hybrids are growing on me. I’m also including Tolumnia to this post because while it’s Oncidium-like, it’s … Continue reading


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Picture Archives: Europe 2008 Part 2: The Netherlands, Switzerland & Italy.

Young Ginkgo biloba trees line a street in Wassenaar. Hortus Botanicus, Amsterdam. I think I’d have appreciated this more now. Regardless, it was closed when I was there. Not such a huge deal at the time but in hind site … Continue reading

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New orchid growths

Yesterday I was having a look at my Oncidium Sharry Baby ‘Sweet Fragrance’ AM/AOS (Sorry, I just like typing its name out in full) and noticed that the new growth that was on the plant when I bought it had … Continue reading

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Southern Ontario Orchid Society Show, 2010

As promised, a selection of my favourite pictures from the SOOS show. Including the ones I posted yesterday there are 75 pictures from the show – you can find all 75 pictures here. This post will be light on words, … Continue reading

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