New Plant – Red Mangrove / Rhizophora mangle

Mangrove - Rhizophora mangle

Fairly inexpensive for a propagule like one of these so might be worth trying.

They can (apparently, I’ve had these only for a number of hours now) tolerate a wide range of conditions from fresh (with extra Magnesium) to brackish to ocean levels of salinity (clean salt deposits off leaves frequently).

As they grow you can raise them so they’ll develop their characteristic root system. They respond well to pruning by branching readily, though they are not especially fast growing plants to begin with.

They do need fairly bright light (usually growing in full sun in the wild) which may be an issue. These propagules barely fit under my lights and they don’t even have leaves yet. I’ve got plans for these though where it won’t be a problem. I’m in the process of setting up my 30 gallon salt water tank again (really bad issues with algae ended up with the fish moved into an alternate tank and the display tank drained and cleaned and blacked out for a while) and will be using these in that tank once that’s ready to go. (Would also be really nice in a brackish setup like a tidal area with mudskippers, or a deeper larger tank with archerfish, or a smaller tank with either bumblebee gobies or small pufferfish (not both). But I’ve already got my clownfish so they’re going in salt.

Occelaris Clownfish

And an old picture of my big girl from almost three years ago (really need to take a new picture of the two of them).


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Plant lover living in Toronto, Canada where I grow a wide range of plants in a very small space.
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3 Responses to New Plant – Red Mangrove / Rhizophora mangle

  1. Mool says:

    super cute fish!!

  2. Aaerelon says:

    Fun! I’ve always wanted a Mangrove. Hope they do alright.

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