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Dictamnus alba…

Now I just have to decide which colour I want, or how I can make room for both. Maybe it’s time I retired my ‘Becky’ and went for something more interesting…

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Perennial Plant List finished

Last night I finished up my Perennial Plant List. It’s longer than I expected. It includes everything hardy on my property that stays outside year round whether in the ground or in containers that I’m growing on purpose. Iris ‘Starship … Continue reading


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Retro Camera – Succulents and Stuff

Retro Camera is an Android App that lets you take stylized pictures that resemble the output from four different cameras: The Bärbel, The Little Orange Box, Xolaroid 2000, & The Pinhole Camera. Essentially it’s similar to Hipstamatic, and similarly looks … Continue reading

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Carbon tomato showing colour

Carbon Tomato I’ve had a fair number of cherry tomatoes ripen already but this is the first sign of colour from Carbon. I’ve already pinched off the growing tips so it can put all its energy into the ripening fruit … Continue reading

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Saintpaulia picture, mobile blogging and trying to find the best Android Blogging App.

I’m now testing Blogaway, it seems more polished than either of the apps I’ve already tried. Italics and bold are not as easy to use because you have to select the text first.The picture is of Saintpaulia “NOID0022”. Saintpaulia “NOID0022” … Continue reading

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Sedum ‘Lynda Windsor’ Flowering

I’m going to have to see this plant next summer to see how it behaves for me. So far it’s a little floppy but naturally it’s also in its first year so who knows what it’ll do next year. If … Continue reading

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Upright “tree” for shady corner – ideas? input?

There’s a section of my back yard where I’m planning on taking out an old Ostrich Fern (Matteuccia struthiopteris) and replacing it with something with a bit of height. The area gets a few hours of very early sun, generally … Continue reading

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More Bougainvillea pictures

Sorry to those who can grow these outdoor for whom this is nothing special but for me this plant keep exceeding my expectations so you get to keep hearing about it. I did not expect blooms mid branch. I’m am … Continue reading

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Haworthia seeds

Apparently Haworthia limifolia var. limifolia can self polinate, but rarely. This plant has literally had flowers on it all summer. It’s currently got three bloom stalks going at once and has produced hundreds of flowers (likely near or over 100 … Continue reading

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Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day, August 2010

My garden is slow to get started in the spring, but as you can see on this Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day it definitely makes up for it now when most gardens are slowing down. Many of my favourite plants are … Continue reading

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