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Euphorbia myrsinites flowering & Hosta ‘June’

This opened a few days ago. It’s actually the only thing that bridges the flower gap between Daffodils and Dwarf Iris. Euphorbia myrsinites The blues and yellows play off beautifully with my Hosta ‘June’ while the sharp texture of the … Continue reading


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My computer may or may not be dead again. I imagine I’ll replace it this time just because it’s doing this all the time now and I don’t want to wait until it finally dies for good and I lose … Continue reading

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New Plant: Iris ‘Marksman’

The second of my new plant purchases for this year. Nice yellow colour with an orange beard that really pops. Iris ‘Marksman’ Grows to around a foot or so tall. This will likely end up planted under my Hydrangea ‘Snow … Continue reading

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Perennial Container for Shade

I made up a shade container today using mostly perennials to put in our shade perennial area to showcase some of the options for colour and texture in a shady (in this case moist) area. If someone wants to buy … Continue reading

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New Plant: Sedum album ‘Faro Form’

We’ve been getting a ton of perennials in over the past little while and that means lots of things that are really nice that I think I need to buy. Fortunately these are all hardy plants that I can keep … Continue reading

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Kalanchoe ‘Pearl Bells’

This most recent succulent was a gift. It’s a Kalanchoe ‘Pearl Bells’ and my first Kalanchoe. I can’t say I’ve ever been seriously tempted by a Kalanchoe before and I’m not generally one to buy a plant for the flowers … Continue reading

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New succulents

I’ve recently gotten a few new succulents. Echeveria Graptoveria ‘Fred Ives’ One new Echeveria Graptoveria ‘Fred Ives’. It’s a touch etiolated but I imagine that’s fixable. It’s fairly compact at the tip, it’s just got a long stem leading up … Continue reading

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Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day, April 2010

Honestly I would have expected a little more for April’s Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day this month. It was apparently not meant to be. Daffodils. You’ve seen this picture here before. You’ve seen Daffodils before. Nothing overly exciting here. There are … Continue reading

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Trillium cvv.

Last year I brought home some interesting Trilliums from work (Along with a Jack-in-the-Pulpit, Arisaema sp., though I suspect a squirrel got it as I’ve seen no signs of life from that spot and there’s been a lot of digging … Continue reading

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New cactus – Opuntia sp.

Opuntia sp. It looks like the supplier we get our hardy cactus from grows them from seed or something. We got two flats in sometime over the last two days and there was some big variation between the plants! A … Continue reading

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