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The First Round of Iris Flowers

Iris ‘Devil’s Playground’ – Not actually my plant, we’re giving it as a gift to someone but it was here and flowering so here’s a picture. NOID Dwarf Iris – This has traditionally been the first Iris to bloom for … Continue reading


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Looking for an I.D. (Lathyrus vernus)

Customers bring in the strangest plants for I.D. sometimes. This us quite clearly a member of the pea family. Supposed to be hardy, upright (not a vine like Wisteria or Sweet Pea) plant. Flowers open pink turning very blue as … Continue reading

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Foliage Followup, May 2011

It seems like everything grows fastest here in May. We’ve (usually) had some warmer weather by now and any time it rains things seem to just shoot out of the ground. Here are a few of the more interesting foliage … Continue reading

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Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day – May 2011

Lots of action right now in the garden. The bulbs have pretty well all faded and it’s mostly new plants carrying my garden through May as my established plants are all in bud and getting close to opening by the … Continue reading

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New Plants

Just because I haven’t been posting as much recently doesn’t mean I haven’t been up to my old ways of hoarding plants. Even though my garden is distinctly full right now I’ve managed to collect the following: Asarum canadense – … Continue reading

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Sauromatum venosum Flowering

Over the past couple of days I’ve been watching my Sauromatum venosum, each day anticipating it could open any time now, and each day seeing another inch of growth. This morning I came downstairs to an absolutely awful smell. First … Continue reading

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Jovibarba pictures

Jovibarba hirta ‘Hedgehog’ Jovibarba sobolifera None of my Sempervivum survived in this terracotta strawberry pot but both Jovibarba did and are growing nicely already this spring. I’ll be planting more cuttings of the Sempervivum I planted in the garden once … Continue reading

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