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Introducing Morgan

In August we took in a small kitten, who we have named Morgan. He was picked up by a cat lover my mom works with who saw him limping as she was driving and took him to her vet. We … Continue reading

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Pretty African Violet Picture

Variegated Sport of Saintpaulia ‘Pretty Miss Kelly’ I think this is the first time this plant has bloomed for us. The flower colour can be difficult to get 100% right because it changes with the light, and even as the … Continue reading

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Old picture: Agastache ‘Black Adder’ & Monarch Butterfly

Agastache ‘Black Adder’ & Monarch Butterfly I took this picture back when my camera was new. Not the greatest picture ever but I stumbled on it looking through the picture archives and I’ve always liked the colours in this picture. … Continue reading

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Chlorophytum ‘Fire Flash’ An update of sorts.

An old picture of this plant from when I first got it. I was watering my houseplants today (by bringing them to the sink and letting water run through the pots rather than the usual way of dumping some water … Continue reading

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Graptoveria Flowering

Graptoveria ‘Spirit of ’76’ I’m not actually sure how long this has been open. It’s not very showy and could easily be missed. It has an interesting colour though with an orange-yellow inside the flower and small red dots on … Continue reading

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Miscanthus sinensis ‘Huron Sunrise’

Ornamental grasses are probably still some of the best looking plants around for late fall. This probably being my favorite – top 3 at least. Off topic a bit. Currently posting this from my phone. I knew there were some … Continue reading

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Move Basically Finished

I have some behind the scenes things to fiddle around with like Categories/Tags, my Blogroll, the header etc but for all intents and purposes this blog is now live. Feedburner seems to have done everything very well (Sorry if it … Continue reading

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Moving to WordPress

I think that my blog will be moving to WordPress over the next day or two. I’m reading up on it and it should be a quick painless process to move my blog over to a WordPress blog. At the … Continue reading

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New Plants

Cyperus haspans – Dwarf Papyrus Zantedeschia sp. – White Arum Lily Hibiscus acetosella ‘Burgundy Aquarius’ The Pond Department was clearing out the last of their tropical water plants, the ones that didn’t even sell at 80% off, and I grabbed … Continue reading

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Really cool winter container idea + more

This container featuring Protea blooms was pretty sweet. Unfortunately I did not catch the name of the designer but if I can get it I’ll post to give him credit. It was a pretty sweet container all around. They will … Continue reading

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