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Plant I.D. – some sort of Papyrus?

This was growing as a weed in one of our grasses. I’ve dug it out and want to grow it but if it’s a bad weed maybe not, otherwise interested in care etc. Edit – while interesting it’s not with … Continue reading

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Fuchsia ‘President G Bartlett’ Flowers

Fuchsia ‘President G Bartlett’ I’m using this Fuchsia this year to poke out and trail over the edge of my container from around the base of my Kong Red Coleus. The red-pink center of the Coleus leaf is sometimes almost … Continue reading

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Looking for an I.D. (Lathyrus vernus)

Customers bring in the strangest plants for I.D. sometimes. This us quite clearly a member of the pea family. Supposed to be hardy, upright (not a vine like Wisteria or Sweet Pea) plant. Flowers open pink turning very blue as … Continue reading

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New plant: Gaultheria procumbens (Wintergreen)

Gaultheria procumbens Very nice little plant, hope it will be happy under my Rhodo and start to spread quickly. (The above mentioned Rhodo, Rhododendron ‘Lee’s Dark Purple’)

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Garden Shelving?

I’m looking at options for an attractive shelf setup I can install on my fence to give me a little more space and so I can use my table again. I absolutely love the setup Julie at We’re Going to … Continue reading

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My computer may or may not be dead again. I imagine I’ll replace it this time just because it’s doing this all the time now and I don’t want to wait until it finally dies for good and I lose … Continue reading

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Congrats Canada!

14 gold medals – Most by any country in the winter Olympics, ever (and on home soil too). Definitely feels so good to be Canadian right now! (Edit – did anyone else notice in the shot of the streets in … Continue reading

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