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New Themes

I’ve created a few new themes for my blog. I was hoping to be able to put together a CSS Switching option where you could choose your own but it does not sound easy in blogger with the widgets etc. … Continue reading

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100 Posts

Ending March off on a high note this is my 100th post. I couldn’t have imagined having this much to say but I guess I’ve managed to come up with a lot of things to talk about. I decided to … Continue reading

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Sarcoglottis sceptrodes in bloom

There are many orchids grown for their leaves. In some cases, such as Ludisia discolor the flowers are nice, just not the showiest part of the plant. When someone says that Sarcoglottis sceptrodes is grown for its leaves… they mean … Continue reading

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Wish list addition: Paphiopedilum Winged Flight ‘Elektra’ HCC/AOS

I saw this image at the AOS home page (it’s not there anymore, hasn’t been for a long time now) and the only other site I found any picture of this form has made it impossible to link even to … Continue reading

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Wish list: Echinocactus horizonthalonius

I’m considering buying this Echinocactus horizonthalonius. It’s supposed to be one of the only (if not the only) Echinocactus that will bloom when small, young and in a pot. It must already be a few years old too from the … Continue reading

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Toronto Gesneriad Society Show, 2010

I went to the Toronto Gesneriad Society Show earlier today. It was my first day off since I started working last Saturday so I told myself I would decide to go or not based on whether I slept though it … Continue reading

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New Plant: Crassula ovata ‘Gollum’

Crassula ovata ‘Gollum’ I was checking out the succulents today at work when I noticed a broken piece of a large Crassula ovata ‘Gollum.’ It already has a few roots started and I’m very hopeful it’ll do well for me.

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C. undulata followup

C. wendtii “03” C. wendtii “03” Remember my C. undulata which had a spathe developing? Well it’s not a C. undulata at all. It’s another C. wendtii. I will call it “03”

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New Perennials for 2010 + New Plant.

I spent all yesterday being trained – part of this included talks from a number of suppliers each of whom talked about the new introductions they’re carrying. One of the most exciting perhaps was the Heucherella ‘Golden Zebra’ because it … Continue reading

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Spring flowering Witch-Hazels

I’d posted a picture of Hamamelis virginiana flowering in November and was was pretty alright all things considered. The trouble is that there’s so much going on in November that it doesn’t seem quite as special as Hamamelis x intermedia … Continue reading

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