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The waiting game: shoots and buds.

I have a lot that will be going on sometime later. I’ve even got a few first blooms for some plants, and first re-blooms for others, which is pretty exciting, or at least it will be. Unknown Aloe hybrid Both … Continue reading

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Southern Ontario Orchid Society Show, 2010

I spent this morning at the Southern Ontario Orchid Show. Got there at around 10:30 and stood in line for half an hour. Paid my entry, checked my coat and went for the sales tables. Here was my haul: I … Continue reading

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Wish list addition: Miltonia spectablis

Miltonia spectablis (&/or var. moreliana) IOSPE Pagevar. moreliana picturevar. moreliana on FlickrAOS Page Miltonia spectablis var. moreliana is by far my preferred of the forms of this species. Love the colour on this and the subtle veining on the lip … Continue reading


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NOID Orchid picture

Picture taken summer 2008 Some sort of Miltonia/Miltoniopsis/Miltonidium. We’ve had it for a while but it was the only save from the great scale purge. We now have two of these, one the main plant and the other was a … Continue reading

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