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Hydroponic success & Syngonium podophyllum

I decided to pot up a few smaller containers of my Syngonium I’d been using the root my cuttings into a nicer looking, easier to look after single pot. I figured there must be some good root growth going on … Continue reading

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Syngonium podophyllum

This plant (Syngonium… podophyllum? doesn’t look quite like it to me) has been, for the longest time, the ugliest, sparsest trailing plant that was really doing nothing. It would sometimes make green leaves at about the same speed as it … Continue reading


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Passive hydroponic growing

Passive hydroponics, semi-hydroponic growing, and a number of other names refer to a method of growing in which an inert porous medium such as hydroton, PrimeAgra or even perlite and vermiculite (apparently). Water in a reservoir is then wicked through … Continue reading

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