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Wish list addition: Phalaenopsis schilleriana

P. schillerianaAOS PageIOSPE Page Make sure you scroll down on each page for the pictures, this plant is stunning! Flowers are fantastic but check out those leaves as well. I think at multiple branching flower spikes up to or exceeding … Continue reading

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A. biloba fully open + C. wendtii again

Aerangis biloba Aerangis biloba At night it is fragrant – sort of a generic floral/hyacinth smell. Not bad but I’m generally not a huge fan of hyacinth. I suppose it’s nice that it overwhelms rotting meat smell of my second … Continue reading

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Gesnerids in bloom

Saintpaulia ‘Rebel’s Splatter Kake’ Streptocarpus ‘Canterbury Surprise seedling’ Streptocarpus ‘Silver Dust’ Chirita ‘Stardust’ Chirita ‘Stardust’ Chirita tamiana

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Fall highlights

Mostly the classics here. I may have missed the boat on some of the less common ones which have already dropped their leaves – I’ll see what I can do for something more interesting for another post. Spirea betulifolia ‘Thor’ … Continue reading


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Clematis ‘Rebecca’

A new clematis from Raymond Evison this year and my first clematis – could not be more happy with this plant if I tried! I planted it in June and after a brief acclimatization period it has been putting on … Continue reading

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Aerangis biloba flower

Aerangis biloba, an orchid from Madagascar and member of the interesting subtribe Angraecinae. These orchids generally have white, spurred and fragrant flowers (pollinated by some sort of moth I imagine – the fragrance is usually only noticeable at night for … Continue reading

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Plants I still haven’t bought…

And yet I have one! I first met Aglaonema ‘Crete’ in early August when we got three in at work. They were a little pricey at $25 each but tempting. Ultimately I didn’t buy one. A few weeks ago a … Continue reading

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Cryptocoryne wendtii inflorescence

C. wendtii, for those not familiar with the species, is a very common, easy to grow aquatic plant. A few years ago I began to grow a number of crypts emersed – in part because I had no room in … Continue reading

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The weather’s been terrible, the plants outside are looking tired and I simply do not have enough to write about in Zone 5 to fill a blog, especially with winter right around the corner. Ludisia discolor That does not mean … Continue reading

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I have decided after some time away from my previous blog that I just won’t have enough to talk about if I only talk about hardy plants. The last several posts at Zone 5 were about houseplants anyway so I … Continue reading

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