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Chlorophytum ‘Fire Flash’ An update of sorts.

An old picture of this plant from when I first got it. I was watering my houseplants today (by bringing them to the sink and letting water run through the pots rather than the usual way of dumping some water … Continue reading

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Haworthia seeds

Apparently Haworthia limifolia var. limifolia can self polinate, but rarely. This plant has literally had flowers on it all summer. It’s currently got three bloom stalks going at once and has produced hundreds of flowers (likely near or over 100 … Continue reading


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Seeds arrived!

They’re here! These are the instructions I’ve managed to pull together from the web for all the plants, but especially with regard to what I should be doing right now. They even used an orchid stamp on the envelope! Nice … Continue reading

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Seed order

It’s my first time since Kindergarten that I’ll be trying to grow something from seed. My current list (so far) is so much more awesome than whatever type of bean we grew back then. Amorphophallus bulbifer – this is the … Continue reading

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