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New plant (sort of)

Pineapple This pineapple was destined to be sold as a cut flower and eventually tossed, a fate I’ve hopefully saved it from (it may end up not being used as a cut flower and tossed anyway if it doesn’t work). … Continue reading

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Sweet Bromeliad, bro.

But do I need it? And what is it, exactly?

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Aechmea fasciata – Pretty picture, rambling post

Aechmea fasciata Last summer I got a written of Aechmea fasciata which had completely finished blooming. There were three good sized pups coming up and I figured I might as well give it a try. End of the summer bringing … Continue reading

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Random pictures from the Toronto Zoo from December

These are some pictures I’d taken at the Toronto Zoo back in early December. Platycerium bifurcatum. Also note the Epipremnum aureum in the background taking on its mature split-leaf form that you’ll never see from one as a typical houseplant. … Continue reading


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Two plant updates

The Aechmea fasciata has been with me most of the summer, the Zantedeschia is a more recent acquisition. I was going to separate the three Aechmea fasciata pups but instead decided to just remove the mother plant and let the … Continue reading

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Tillandsia mount

I picked up some wood today to mount some of my Tillandsias to try and get them looking a little bit more ornamental. I chose a piece of wood with grooves so I could get the finished piece to look … Continue reading

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Tropicals at the Toronto Zoo

Here are a few pictures I took at the Toronto Zoo today. Mostly stuck to the Americas pavilion today which seems to have the most interesting plants of any section of the Toronto Zoo (The Indomalaya pavilion is a very … Continue reading

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More new plants – Part 1

This batch of plants were rescued on their way to the compacter. Basically just plants that had been in for months not selling, taking up much needed space needed for newer, nicer looking plants and generally needing more care &/or … Continue reading

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Moderately interesting plant event: Cryptanthus flowers

These are likely the least exciting flowers of any Bromeliad. The plant already had an offset when I bought it that I successfully removed and repotted that hasn’t done much (including die, which I count as a plus). The mother … Continue reading

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Pretty Plants at the Toronto Zoo

I was at the Toronto Zoo on Tuesday April 27th. It was a little on the chilly side but there were few people around so on the whole it was a great day. Some fantastic looking Tulips at their peak. … Continue reading

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