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Rose and Fern Pictures

I took these two pictures for Bloom Day and Foliage Followup but didn’t end up doing a post for either. There were other pictures too but these were the best for each day. NOID Red Rose. I really really wish … Continue reading

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Random pictures from the Toronto Zoo

Went to the zoo yesterday. Here are some picture. Some of plants, a few more of animals. Wollemi Pine – This plant was not looking too great earlier in the year but has recovered very well and I was happy … Continue reading

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Foliage Followup – August 2011

I went out yesterday with thoughts of Bloom Day in my head and just ended up taking lots and lots of pictures of foliage. Agave ‘Blue Glow’ with Agave geminiflora behind. Agave ‘Kissho Kan’ Agave ‘Sharkskin’ with Anacampseros rufescens in … Continue reading


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Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day – August 2011

Kniphofia ‘Papaya Popsicle’ – Still blooming well, the two stalks are nearly finished, one more just showing colour and three green ones coming up. Wasn’t really expecting it to last this long and thrilled that it is. Tricyrtis ‘Tojen’ – … Continue reading

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Kniphofia ‘Papaya Popsicle’

Kniphofia ‘Papaya Popsicle’ New plant. Got it super cheap, hope I’ve got the drainage for it. Tangentially related: At work we sort the perennials by common name. Sometimes this results in unfortunate combos like Peony, Phlox, Pincusion Flower (can you … Continue reading

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Monarda ‘Fireball’

Monarda ‘Fireball’ First I suppose there’s the fact I’ve never seen a fireball that’s hot magenta-pink before. I suppose there’s always a chance the plant I got was mis-tagged but I see some sites out there showing a picture of … Continue reading

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Hosta ‘Fragrant Bouquet’

I suppose I should have taken a picture of the leaves as well. Hosta ‘Fragrant Bouquet’ But it’s hard to focus on anything else with a flower this fragrant commanding your full attention. I suppose I’ll have to divide it … Continue reading

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Euphorbia ‘First Blush’ and ‘Ascot Rainbow’

I took a few pictures outside today when the rain stopped a shot a few pictures, wasn’t happy with a lot of them (didn’t stay out too long, play around with any settings, use any extra lightning etc) but these … Continue reading

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July 2011 Bloom Day and Foliage Followup

Here’s my Bloom Day for this month and I’ve thrown in two new plants for Foliage Followup as well (no sense having both posts late). Lavendula ‘Munstead’ – Flowers are fading but still very showy. Extremely good year for this … Continue reading

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Hydrangea paniculata ‘Great Star’

New Hydrangea this year, lace cap style flowers more similar to ‘Snow Mountain’ than the (imo) over used ‘Limelight’ or grandiflora Hydrangeas but much, much larger. Somewhat similar to ‘The Swan’ (fun story about that one I found while googling). … Continue reading

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