New plant (sort of)


This pineapple was destined to be sold as a cut flower and eventually tossed, a fate I’ve hopefully saved it from (it may end up not being used as a cut flower and tossed anyway if it doesn’t work). It hasn’t started growing yet, actually, but the leaves and stem are firm and in good shape so I’m hopeful.

One problem I had was that it was not ripe. Almost everyone out there talking about rooting Pineapple tops says twisting the top off gets you the most stem to work with (the rest of the people talking about it say to cut off the top inch or a bit more and clean all fruit off of the stem, which I guess gets the job done too, just seems like it’s making extra work). Anyway, Pineapples that aren’t ripe don’t twist, and I’ve ended up with just a little, tiny nub of a stem to work with. I removed a good number of leaves from the base, may take off a few more before I eventually pot it up. Most people again suggest letting the cut end callus (which is where I am with it right now) before trying to root to avoid rot, though once callused they can be rooted in water. I’ll try it in something along the lines of a succulent mix for rooting and water with care, at least until I see new growth on it.


About Andrew

Plant lover living in Toronto, Canada where I grow a wide range of plants in a very small space.
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4 Responses to New plant (sort of)

  1. Hopefully it roots. I started a few when I was younger but neglected them and they didn’t make it.

  2. keep us posted with how it does…

  3. Bom says:

    Good luck! Keep us updated. It would be good to see how your technique fares.

  4. Orchidhunter says:

    Here’s a photo of a pineapple top I’ve had growing in a vase of water on my windowsill at work since 2009. It’s been doing pretty well for something that gets zero nutrition.

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