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New Orchids

I picked up two new Orchids today – a Den. phal hybrid of some sort and something that belongs to the Oncidium alliance. It wasn’t labelled at all (anymore) so I’ve really got no leads other than its alliance. The … Continue reading

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A few more flowering Saintpaulia cvv. for you

It’s hard to be too excited about an African Violet flowering because they do it so much it’s really not that big a deal. I’ll try though, these are some of the more interesting. “NOID 0020” – I lied, this … Continue reading

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The waiting game: shoots and buds.

I have a lot that will be going on sometime later. I’ve even got a few first blooms for some plants, and first re-blooms for others, which is pretty exciting, or at least it will be. Unknown Aloe hybrid Both … Continue reading

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Fall’s come early this year

Not much to say here, snapped this picture of this maple today showing some nice late fall colour relatively early this year. Can’t see it so clearly here but many of the leaves have already dropped. This tree us usually … Continue reading

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Phone stuff – a new keyboard

I was finding the default keyboard on my Acer liquid E to be a bit of a pain to type with so I’ve just been checking out  a few options. I did not try many (most either don’t have a … Continue reading

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Dracaena problems

Can anyone tell me what seems to be the problem? Does not seem to effect the new growth, mostly older.

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Just in: Hydrangea ‘Little Lime’

We just got these in at work and I wish I had a spot for them. Just like ‘Limelight’ but only growing to 3-5′ tall. We’ve also gotten Hydrangea ‘Bella Anna’ which should be like an improved ‘Invincibelle Spirit’, but … Continue reading


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Tillandsia mount

I picked up some wood today to mount some of my Tillandsias to try and get them looking a little bit more ornamental. I chose a piece of wood with grooves so I could get the finished piece to look … Continue reading

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Dark Flowered Gesneriads

A couple of the darker flowered Gesneriads I have flowering right now. Streptocarpus ‘Ink Blot’ Saintpaulia ‘Black Ace’ Streptocarpus ‘Purple Pepper’

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Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day – September 2010

Lots flowering again this month. Many earlier flowering plants are repeating, and all of my fall flowering plants are going. And some have never really stopped. Actaea (Cimicifuga) simplex ‘James Compton’ is one of my favourite plants. It is matched … Continue reading

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