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New Plant – Red Mangrove / Rhizophora mangle

Fairly inexpensive for a propagule like one of these so might be worth trying. They can (apparently, I’ve had these only for a number of hours now) tolerate a wide range of conditions from fresh (with extra Magnesium) to brackish … Continue reading

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I’m back, a small update.

Maybe you haven’t noticed because of the Orchid posts that have been slowly popping up but I took a brief hiatus and now I’m back. I basically haven’t written anything new since about the 15th of February and I’m glad … Continue reading

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New Plants

Cyperus haspans – Dwarf Papyrus Zantedeschia sp. – White Arum Lily Hibiscus acetosella ‘Burgundy Aquarius’ The Pond Department was clearing out the last of their tropical water plants, the ones that didn’t even sell at 80% off, and I grabbed … Continue reading


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Pistia stratiotes (Water Lettuce) Flowers

Pistia stratiotes (Water Lettuce) Flowers Odds are if you have a pond you’ve had water lettuce. It’s almost certainly flowered for you too, but unless you’re looking you can miss it completely. You can also see that it’s a member … Continue reading

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C. undulata followup

C. wendtii “03” C. wendtii “03” Remember my C. undulata which had a spathe developing? Well it’s not a C. undulata at all. It’s another C. wendtii. I will call it “03”

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Cryptocoryne wendtii “Green 01” second flowering

I was watering some stuff today when I noticed I had almost missed the second bloom on this plant (third from the genus, second from this form). These flowers are not colourful and unless you’re a beetle or fly you … Continue reading

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Cryptocoryne spp.

Cryptocoryne is a genus of some 50-60-ish species of semi-aquatic aroid from south east Asia, ranging from India to Papua New Guinea north to south west China. Wild growing conditions range from hard water (C. crispatula var. balansae) to black-water … Continue reading

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A. biloba fully open + C. wendtii again

Aerangis biloba Aerangis biloba At night it is fragrant – sort of a generic floral/hyacinth smell. Not bad but I’m generally not a huge fan of hyacinth. I suppose it’s nice that it overwhelms rotting meat smell of my second … Continue reading

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Cryptocoryne wendtii inflorescence

C. wendtii, for those not familiar with the species, is a very common, easy to grow aquatic plant. A few years ago I began to grow a number of crypts emersed – in part because I had no room in … Continue reading

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