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Geranium seeds

Geranium sanguineum ‘Max Frei’ seeds I was doing some planting a few days ago and happened to glance over at my Geranium and saw these really cool seeds. I’ve never noticed these before but they sure are cool.

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New Plant: Heuchera ‘Cinnabar Silver’

I got a new Heuchera the other day. Love this one so much! Heuchera ‘Cinnabar Silver’ Would love to have a small massing of this one. Maybe near some Miscanthus ‘Morning Light’ for some nice silvery colour and contrasting texture. … Continue reading

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Garden Shelving?

I’m looking at options for an attractive shelf setup I can install on my fence to give me a little more space and so I can use my table again. I absolutely love the setup Julie at We’re Going to … Continue reading

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Streptocarpus ‘Laura’ flowering

Streptocarpus ‘Laura’ At the Toronto Gesneriad Society Show this spring I picked up this Streptocarpus. Until this one most Streps in our collection have a only a few large flowers. I’ve seen some amazing pictures of Streps with masses of … Continue reading

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Bougainvillea in bud

A customer bought this plant in May, then let it get hit by some overnight cold and bam, returned. When I brought it home it looked absolutely terrible! few (if any) leaves, most that were on the plant were damaged … Continue reading

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New Sempervivum ‘Oddity’

Much like ‘Cobweb,’ ‘Oddity’ is a must have in any Sempervivum collection. Sempervivum ‘Oddity’

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New Sempervivum ‘Belladonna’

This is officially my favourite Sempervivum and I think I can say that with no hesitation. Gorgeous silvery colour, velvety texture, thick leaves and compact rounded rosettes. Pictures online show an attractive red winter colour as well. Sempervivum ‘Belladonna’ It … Continue reading

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