Kniphofia ‘Papaya Popsicle’

Kniphofia 'Papaya Popsicle'
Kniphofia ‘Papaya Popsicle’

New plant. Got it super cheap, hope I’ve got the drainage for it.

Tangentially related: At work we sort the perennials by common name. Sometimes this results in unfortunate combos like Peony, Phlox, Pincusion Flower (can you say huge mildew problems?).

It did lead to a rather unexpected combination at the end of a bench where it was wrapping around to the other side: Pale Pink Phlox ‘Sherbet Cocktail’, Knautia ‘Mars Midget’, Dianthus Early Bird(TM) Radiance (same colour as the Knautia), Russian Sage, ‘Snow Hill’ Salvia (or ‘May Night’ or, I’m sure, any one of a number of Salvias) with Sedum ‘Purple Emperor’ at the backdrop. Sounds like a nice sort of pink/blue thing going on, nothing out of the ordinary, other than two flats of stunning, in bloom orange and yellow Red Hot Pokers. It was so unexpected in such a calm mix but worked very well with every other plant in the group. Made an excellent focal point though they still didn’t sell well. Maybe because the plants looked like crap everywhere below the flowers but that’s not the point here.

In part inspired by this random and fortunate combination I’ll be planting my ‘Papaya Popsicle’ along with a ‘Caradonna’ Salvia (replacing my ‘Rhapsody in Blue’ which outgrew my yard in just one season) and either Sedum ‘Xenox’ (You may recall that ‘Xenox’ and ‘Caradonna’ play well together) or Sedum ‘Lynda Windsor’ which has performed poorly (no problems, just not vigorous, could be my conditions). She may get a different spot entirely where I need to break up a lot of green somewhere. I’ve got a bright pink Yarrow that needs a sunnier home too… Hmm.


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Plant lover living in Toronto, Canada where I grow a wide range of plants in a very small space.
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2 Responses to Kniphofia ‘Papaya Popsicle’

  1. Have you grown Kniphofias before? Here in the Detroit area I have always hardiness problems with them, despite making sure they had excellent drainage. This year I am trying again in different spots but in the past they have never stuck around through more than two winters.

    • Andrew says:

      I have not, thought I’ve seen them around (not locally, far enough they could be on sand).

      I suspect drainage will be my biggest issue as my yard gets good snow cover and is quite sheltered. Managed to get this one cheap enough I’m not going to be too upset if it doesn’t work, will try in a container in the garage over the winter next year if this doesn’t work.

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