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SOOS Orchid Show, Part 6: Paphiopedilum & Phragmipedium

Two of my least favourite to type out names in one post! I’ll will be referring to them as Paphs and Phrags. I took more pictures of these last year so I skipped over a lot. Here are a few … Continue reading

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SOOS Orchid Show, Part 5: Dendrobium

The Dendrobium genus is incredibly diverse. Would you ever have guessed these plants were all in the same genus? I definitely wouldn’t. Dendrobium tetraqonum var. giganteum Dendrobium King Rose ‘June Patricia’ Den. Roy tokunaga x Roy tokunaga ‘Spots’ Den. capituliflorum … Continue reading


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SOOS Orchid Show, Part 4: Cymbidiums

Big impressive plants I don’t have a lot of luck with and don’t really have room for. I think even the bigger rounder hybrids are growing on me. I’m also including Tolumnia to this post because while it’s Oncidium-like, it’s … Continue reading

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Episcia ‘Jim’s Patches’ in Semi-Hydro

We’ve traditionally had problems meeting the consistent moisture demands of Episcia, especially the hybrids with pink in their leaves (‘Pink Panther’ and ‘Unpredictable Valley’ being two that have died as a result). The problem is that they are awesome, and … Continue reading

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SOOS Orchid Show, Part 3: “Orchid-Like” Orchids

Here are the common plants, the Phalaenopsis, Cattleya, and Oncidiums that are the gateway plants of the Orchid family. I only really took pictures of stunning plants or oddballs of the group, walking past crowded tables of Phals that look … Continue reading

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Foliage Followup, February 2011

My first Foliage Followup a year after my first Bloom Day. We’ve been having some warmer temperatures (I was outside shooting these in flip-flops and a T-shirt – jumping the gun a little bit but I lived) and I can … Continue reading

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Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day, February 2011

February’s Bloom Day brought to you by the hardworking Gesneriad family, as usual. There are no plants easier to get blooms year round than members of this family. Streptocarpus ‘Bristol’s Jumpin’ Jack’ Aeschynanthus radicans Kohleria ‘Green Goblin’ Saintpaulia ‘Rebel’s Splatter … Continue reading

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SOOS Orchid Show, Part 2: Oddballs

I found myself really taking a lot of pictures of these guys today. I was very tempted by some stunning orange Masdevaellia in the sales area but there is no way I could provide the cool temperatures they need. As … Continue reading

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Pretty picture – Echinocactus grusonii (Golden Barrel) backlit my some new tech

Echinocactus grusonii I just got an SB-600 flash for my camera – which is awesome because I can wirelessly use it off camera. To backlight things, for example. Things like my Golden Barrel Cactus. Orchid pictures will resume. I’ve got … Continue reading

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SOOS Orchid Show, Part 1: New Plants

Here are the plants I picked up today, the first two are off my wish list and the others are two complete impulse buys. All should do well under lights in warm to hot conditions at around 50% humidity (ie, … Continue reading

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