Picture Archives: Europe 2008 Part 2: The Netherlands, Switzerland & Italy.

Windmill in Wassenaar
Young Ginkgo biloba trees line a street in Wassenaar.

Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam
Hortus Botanicus, Amsterdam. I think I’d have appreciated this more now. Regardless, it was closed when I was there. Not such a huge deal at the time but in hind site it would have been nice to go in.

I didn’t take any pictures of plants in Switzerland so instead enjoy this picture of (left to right) Eiger, Mönch & Jungfrau, taken from the top of the Schilthorn.

Roses line the front of these two buildings in Como, Italy.

122_Brunate Funicular
Zonal Geraniums seem to be very popular around this region. Here’s a simple but attractive display at the top of the Funicular that connects Como to Brunate.

This Cymbidium was outside the Bed & Breakfast I stayed at in Monterosso al Mare. It’s probably the perfect climate for Cymbidiums as they can likely stay outside in a protected spot all winter. Sitting outside this B&B was fantastic because of the blending of smells of Roses and something Jasmin-like. I couldn’t even see the plants in question but they made a huge impact.

There were tons of Agaves along the coast here. Many with tall bloom stalks starting to rise up in the center. I didn’t know what an Agave was at the time. (Clearly I need to go back there now!)

Also common were Prickly Pear Cacti (Opuntia sp.)

163_Manarola - Via dell’Amore
An Opuntia growing wild with some species of Euphorbia, also fairly common along the coast.

161_Manarola - Via dell’Amore
Another Opuntia, this time with a Gazania and Pelargonium.

Bougainvillea were everywhere. This one seemed to still be bouncing back after winter, others were thick and full and covered in blooms all along the rail line connecting Italy to Nice. If you haven’t noticed yet – colour was everywhere, just as much on the buildings themselves as on the plants that adorned them. (Compare this picture as well with this I found on Google.)

A Yucca in the garden of the Villa del Principe in Genoa, where we stopped briefly while waiting that would take us to Nice, en route to Barcelona.


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