Canada Blooms, 2011

On Friday I went to Canada Blooms for the first time and had a good enough time I guess. There were highs and lows and tulips. Lots and lots of Tulips.

I’ll start out with what I didn’t like: The plant show.

The plants here were nothing special and very little blew me away. Maybe I’ve been spoiled with the SOOS Orchid show and the Gesneriad show (honestly, the mini-shows at the meetings too). A Strep with 1 open flower here, an African Violet off center in it’s pot, growing on an angle and asymmetrical foliage there (it could have been a great plant with three leaves taken off and repotted). Many plants were small and completely unremarkable. But what really annoyed me was this:

Class 6 - Palm(s)

Cycas revoluta - Not a Palm

There was one plant in this class and it got a first place. In real plant shows the judges can choose not to award a plant that doesn’t deserve an award. They also will not let you enter a plant into a class it doesn’t belong in. This is not a palm and it looks the same as any you could by in any grocery store. This shouldn’t happen.

What was interesting: Fountains etc.

Wall Fountain 1

Wall Fountain 2

I like fountains. Fountains in walls that don’t take up much space are even better. and look at the colourful reflections you get in the second one too, while the first is nice and loud like a fountain should be.

Garden 4

Waterfalls are nice too. Like fountains but more natural.

Tabletop Fireplace

And then there’s this little tabletop fireplace which I also liked.

Petunia 'Black Velvet'
Petunia ‘Black Velvet’ – seems to revert part way back to ‘Phantom’ at the drop of a hat but still interesting.

What was really nice: Some of the arrangements and gardens that were around.

Arrangement 8b

Arrangement 1
Nice woven leaves.

Arrangement 16a
Maybe my favourite?

Arrangement 15a

Arrangement 15b
Another contender for favourite, the flowers in hanging vases are part of it.

Garden 1
The backdrop actually worked really really well here.

Garden 3
Nice. Not sure what the plant tags were for though since you couldn’t get in there to read them so it really just took away from the scene.

And some plants:

Iris reticulata
Iris reticulata

Assorted Bromeliads


Hydroponic Dracaena 1
Hydroponic Dracaena tower planters.

I’m going to save my Tulip pictures for another post soon since this one is already so long.

Overall I would say worth it. But should have gone earlier in the week because things didn’t look fresh anymore. Hopefully it’s better next year.


About Andrew

Plant lover living in Toronto, Canada where I grow a wide range of plants in a very small space.
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4 Responses to Canada Blooms, 2011

  1. Julia says:

    Oh dear – the cycad-palm confusion is one of my pet hates. You’d think someone would have noticed that it isn’t even in the same phylum. That’s like bringing a pet stick insect along and expecting it to win best in class at a dog show.

  2. Bom says:

    The judges should have had proper credentials to judge the different classes.
    The pictures of the fountains make me want to have one. Yours is the second blog to feature fountains that I’ve read today so I have fountain on my brain. So yes, a fountain and the glass tower planters are on my list of must-haves.

  3. Martha says:

    At least there were Bromeliads, my favourites. And fountains. You gotta love fountains. Waterfalls, too, of course.

  4. Peter Mykusz says:

    A video of the 2011 Feature Garden winners is at
    The video can be embedded to a page.

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