Musella lasiocarpa made it through winter and now what?


Spring seemed to hit yesterday in full swing. Bulbs seemed to shoot up in just hours and I decided to do a little cleanup. Part if it included digging my hardy banana (which I now feel I can say without quotes after this winter) out if its winter bed of straw. Not only did it survive the winter but it’s started to grow. It hit 11 degrees in the garage today so it can’t stay there forever.

I don’t think it got lower than -3 to -4 over the winter in there and there was the straw on top of that so I can’t exactly put it outside yet but it can’t be good to leave it in the dark while it’s growing…

So I guess the problem is that I don’t know how sensitive it will be to cool temperatures in the spring. For the time being I can bring it back into the garage overnight but when we can get frost well into May that isn’t really a good long term solution. It is supposed to be zone 6/7 hardy so a brief overnight freeze shouldn’t really be an issue… right? Especially if it goes it in the cold before it really puts out any new growth…

I guess I’ll just pull it outside during the day for now for… for… three weeks? Or keep an eye on the weather, then leave it to the elements after that.

I guess I’m just rambling now but if you’ve got any thoughts or experience with this sort of thing I’d love to hear your thoughts or tips on how I should ease this plant back to outdoor life.

Oh, and I’ll also be heading to Canada Blooms tomorrow. Should be interesting, it’ll be my first time going. I’ll post about it after from a first timers perspective.


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Plant lover living in Toronto, Canada where I grow a wide range of plants in a very small space.
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3 Responses to Musella lasiocarpa made it through winter and now what?

  1. Aaerelon says:

    Glad to hear it’s doing well! I left some dwarf cavendish bananas in a basement without water and they completely dried out. The stems are dead but I pulled a few out and the rhizomes are actually still alive. I had to leave my Musa basjoo in Vancouver so at least I still have some bananas.

    • Andrew says:

      Maybe it was the cold and maybe the large pot size but the whole thing is still pretty heavy so I’m guessing it different dry out too much over the winter.

      I did have problems trying to winter a slightly tender bamboo inside a few years ago. Had problems with it being too warm, too wet and too dry and ultimately it just didn’t make it.

  2. Hmm, Canada Blooms… sounds fun.

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