SOOS Orchid Show, Part 6: Paphiopedilum & Phragmipedium

Two of my least favourite to type out names in one post! I’ll will be referring to them as Paphs and Phrags. I took more pictures of these last year so I skipped over a lot. Here are a few that still asked my to take their picture.

Phrag St. Owen
Phrag St. Owen

Phrag Andean Fire
Phrag. Andean Fire

Phrag. Cardinal
Phrag. Cardinal

Phrag. Don Wimber
Phrag. Don Wimber – My favourite for best colour in this group.

NOID Phrag
NOID Phrag.

Paph. lowii
Paph. lowii – One of my favourites of this group.

Paph. Michael Koopowitz
Paph. Michael Koopowitz

Paph. Saint Swithin
Paph. Saint Swithin – Really nice details here, even if the colours are toned down.

Paph. kolopakingii var. topperi
Paph. kolopakingii var. topperi


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Plant lover living in Toronto, Canada where I grow a wide range of plants in a very small space.
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