Oncidium Gold Dust again

Onc. Gold Dust
Oncidium Gold Dust

I know I just posted a picture of this one yesterday for Bloom Day but here’s a much much better shot (click through to view larger) of this Oncidium (which also has twice as many flowers open today).

I’ve also discovered that it smells great mid morning to mid afternoon or so. There’s still a detectable scent but it’s not as strong as it was earlier. The scent is hard to pin down but it reminds me of something like Vanilla scented soap or candles. Unlike many flower fragrances I’m not noticing any unpleasantness about this smell, which is pretty rare (for me).

I’ve also decided that the new shoots on my Oncidium Sharry Baby ‘Sweet Fragrance’ AM/AOS are just new growth, not flower spikes. They’re getting wider and they’re not really in the right spot to be spikes. Oh well.

And… my unheated garage has made it through a week of bitter cold at 5 degrees. This really opens up new options for things I can winter in there, which is fantastic. I have high hopes for my Musella lasiocarpa making it without issue and suspect that most other frost tolerant deciduous plants could be wintered in there as well. Evergreens might get confused by the complete absence of light.


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2 Responses to Oncidium Gold Dust again

  1. Aaerelon says:

    I love Oncidium. There was one in the UWO Greenhouses called “Golden Shower”. Not sure about the name but it really was a bright shower of blossoms.

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