Pretty African Violet Picture

Saintpaulia Sport of 'Pretty Miss Kelly'
Variegated Sport of Saintpaulia ‘Pretty Miss Kelly’

I think this is the first time this plant has bloomed for us. The flower colour can be difficult to get 100% right because it changes with the light, and even as the flowers age. Mostly blue with pink undertones that are more or less pronounced depending on the lighting. Some flowers are more double than others. The flowers have lighter spots and darker blue splotches. Leaves are an attractive dark green with fairly wide clean white variegation, the undersides of the leaves (newer leaves in particular) have a light pink colour, darker pink veins and petioles, changing to more of a normal green on older leaves.

There’s one that’s tricky to get a picture of that’s very nice that’s completely single, letting the patterns on the petals (even more pronounced even than on the flower pictured above) do all the talking without getting lost in unnecessary frilliness (the yellow pollen really brightens the flowers as well). I’ve removed the flower from the plant and taken some pictures of it. The one below is worth clicking on a few times to really see it larger. The colour is pretty much exact on that picture as well.

Saintpaulia - Sport of 'Pretty Miss Kelly' Close-up


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1 Response to Pretty African Violet Picture

  1. Julie says:

    This is drop dead gorgeous!!! Love the variegated leaves as well!

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