Fuchsia ‘President G Bartlett’ Flowers

Fuchsia 'President G Bartlett'
Fuchsia ‘President G Bartlett’

I’m using this Fuchsia this year to poke out and trail over the edge of my container from around the base of my Kong Red Coleus. The red-pink center of the Coleus leaf is sometimes almost a perfect match for the pink on the Fuchsia (generally on the older leaves at least, newer leaves are more red).

Fuchsia 'President G Bartlett' and Kong™ Red Coleus
Fuchsia ‘President G Bartlett’ and Kong™ Red Coleus – Not the most thrilling picture but it gets the point across.

I’ve thrown in some plain green normal leaved Ivy around the edges and I’ve got a green leaved Dogwood in the middle to give height and trail accordingly without pulling away from the colour combo from the Coleus and the Fuchsia.


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Plant lover living in Toronto, Canada where I grow a wide range of plants in a very small space.
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4 Responses to Fuchsia ‘President G Bartlett’ Flowers

  1. ellieT says:

    beautiful – I love fuchsias but I can never keep them happy – I don’t know what it is that I do wrong with them!

    • Andrew says:

      This will be my first attempt but the pot they are in generally stays quite wet which I’m hoping can keep them happy. When the weather gets really hot (I guess we’re there now aren’t we) I’ll also be moving them further back into the shade.

  2. Matti says:

    Hard to find a Fuchsia that I don’t love. They love our backyard an the shady side of the garden. The kong brings back some great memories of my propagation class growing these babies from plugs. Kinda funny to think about it now how growing plugs is propagation, but maybe I missed the day where it was justified lol. Thx Man. Matti

  3. Megan says:

    It’s true, we’re fuchsia junkies. We’ve got one that’s at least eight feet tall right now. Last I counted we had 9-10 species jammed all over the shadier spots in the garden.

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