Rose and Fern Pictures

I took these two pictures for Bloom Day and Foliage Followup but didn’t end up doing a post for either. There were other pictures too but these were the best for each day.

Rose and Streptocarpella
NOID Red Rose.

I really really wish I could find the tag for this Rose. Going to try to root cuttings next spring – it’s vigorous enough I’d like it see what it can manage on its own root stalk. If that ends up being nothing I won’t be out much, if it works I’ve got a lot of a great plant available for me. Look how perfect those leaves are too, it’s late September and there’s not a yellow leaf or black spot or any sign of mildew to be seen.

Athyrium ‘Burgundy Lace’
Athyrium ‘Burgundy Lace’

On the other end of the spectrum is this fern I planted late summer of… 2009? It didn’t do much last year and this year has mostly been hidden by other plants, though when I peer into the hole this fern has found itself planted I find a beautiful fern with all the beauty you’d expect from a painted fern, and I’m glad I chose this over any other – this blend of burgundy and white is basically perfect for me. These colours are actually really similar to all of my favourite Rex Begonias, though that’s a plant for another post – but imagine a combination of say, Begonia ‘Fireworks’ (Likely the Begonia I have) with its purples and celadon (apparently it’s a colour, and a pretty sweet one at that) leaves with the finer texture and similar colours of this fern to brighten a shady spot in a subtle and refined way. I’ll be moving this fern front and center where I can see it without having to go digging for it hopfully this fall if I can get a spare minute.


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Plant lover living in Toronto, Canada where I grow a wide range of plants in a very small space.
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3 Responses to Rose and Fern Pictures

  1. Rohrerbot says:

    I love it!!! Great macros!

  2. Susan says:

    Lovely! One of my favorite ferns.
    Celadon also is a ceramic glaze of pale green.

  3. Scott Weber says:

    I’ve never been a Rose fan on the whole, but I do love those singles…there is something charming and sincere about them 🙂 I have that same Athyrium and LOVE it…the color is outstanding and it’s so very durable…seeing those burgundy fronds emerging in spring is always a thrill!

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