Episcia ‘Karlyn’ flower and a bonus Streptocarpella picture

Episcia 'Karlyn'
Episcia ‘Karlyn’

This one flowered for me for the first time the other day, really like the colour, it’s a nice change from the usual orange-red on these things. Love the leaves too, definitely a keeper. It’s not the greatest picture though, colour is much more exciting in real life where this picture makes the whole thing look flat. Guess you’ll just have to grow this one yourselves to see how good it really looks.


Early last spring I started rooting tip cuttings from this plant I later planted out into shady spots in my garden where this has performed beautifully. It took a while to really get going but once it did it’s been trouble-free. Going to use it as a so-called “annual” again for sure.


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Plant lover living in Toronto, Canada where I grow a wide range of plants in a very small space.
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1 Response to Episcia ‘Karlyn’ flower and a bonus Streptocarpella picture

  1. Both of these are really lovely. I must give them a try at some point.

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