Kaempferia pigmea

This is another plant I received last month from Gardino. It has recovered extremely well.

Kaempferia pigmea
Kaempferia pigmea

When it arrived the only thing visible was a single emerging leaf, white from a month in a box and limp. After watering it perked up and started growing.

The first leaf uncurled and turned mostly green with just a hint of silver. The second leaf that’s come out though was much showier.

Kaempferia pigmea

You can also see another smaller sprout that came up beside the larger and just in the center of the leaves the start of some flower buds. It flowered last night. Over night. I saw the bud sort of open and showing colour around 9 last night, and by 7 this morning it had already finished. I will turn the lights off on my stand earlier next time I see a bud about to open. The flower was a pretty magenta colour, not sure if it was fragrant or not.

I do not know what this species really is. I haven’t found any reference outside of Gardino’s website to the species. Anyone know what this might actually be?


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Plant lover living in Toronto, Canada where I grow a wide range of plants in a very small space.
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2 Responses to Kaempferia pigmea

  1. Bom says:

    Perhaps a mistake in the species name, “pigmea”? I could not find Kaempferia pigmea on IPNI. It goes straight from K. phiippinensis to K. plantaginea. Sorry I could not offer more help.

  2. Sonya F says:

    KAEMPFERIA PIGMEA (peacock ginger)


    Very strange…I live in Orlando, Florida and my late mom-in-law gave me a couple of plants several years ago..they are now growing wild in my flower beds…guess I need to pay a little more attention and start giving them out to folks..didn’t know that they were rare…..they are beautiful.

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