More Irises (last one)

I didn’t really want to post so many Irises in a row but there’s so much starting all the time I don’t want to be sitting on all these pictures at the end of July when they’re all long finished.

I think this just about wraps up my Iris flowers for the year, I don’t see anything from the big guys, the no id Blue, Yellow and ‘Starship Enterprise’ which were all divided and moved last year, or from ‘Ruffled Velvet’ which was planted last summer.

Iris NOID Pink Siberian
NOID Pink Siberian, Salvia ‘Rhapsody in Blue’ providing a nice backdrop. I don’t remember seeing this Iris ever flower as heavily as it is this year. Too bad I have to dig it up and divide it once it finishes.

Iris 'Gerald Darby'
Iris ‘Gerald Darby’ is new this year. Very unusual flower. Nice colour and patterning on it.

Iris 'Gerald Darby'
Iris ‘Gerald Darby’ again.

Iris NOID Dark Red
Iris NOID Dark Red – This is one of the older ones. No name. Interesting colour, not my favourite but I don’t hate it. Maybe with something yellow nearby…

Iris NOID Peach
Iris NOID Peach – I love this one though. A Soft, delicate colour, and very clean looking flower. Something I would probably ignore on a sales table (maybe not) but love in the garden.

Iris setosa var. arctica
Iris setosa var. arctica is another new one this year. Very dwarf, can get to a foot tall but right now it’s maybe 6″ tall.

Iris setosa var. arctica
Iris setosa var. arctica


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2 Responses to More Irises (last one)

  1. Absolutely gorgeous flowers. By all means, post away on the irises. They’re certainly worthy of a few blog posts.

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