Some spring bulbs

Sorry to everyone who lives anywhere warm, but this is the first day I’ve actually seen flowers open in my own yard so it’s pretty exciting.

Galanthus nivalis
Galanthus nivalis

This has been showing “colour” for a long time but just when it was about to open we got rain, then cold weather and snow, and then finally some warm weather but I was back at work and couldn’t see it open. There are many more to follow, and in my front yard they’re even further behind schedule so I’ll get snowdrops well into April.

Crocus cv.
Crocus cv.

An unknown Crocus that I think was a potted bulb last year. Generally speaking I don’t like the larger flowered Crocus varieties as much, but none of my new Crocuses I planted last year are showing any signs of colour yet.

Iris bucharica
Iris bucharica

This is my first year with this one. I didn’t know a lot about it when I got it but hopefully the spot I’ve planted them will be dry enough over the summer for them to do well long term. This may be tricky because they’re right beside my Clematis I’ll need to keep watered a lot more this summer than I did last summer. I love how the new growth looks with the leaves stacked like this. I think I may have also planted the bulbs way too close together. My Iris reticulata ‘Harmony’ are coming along well too, but still a long way away from flowering.


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Plant lover living in Toronto, Canada where I grow a wide range of plants in a very small space.
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9 Responses to Some spring bulbs

  1. Scott says:

    I’m in love with that Iris foliage! I’ve never heard of them before…will have to do some research. I just planted ‘Gerald Darby’ this spring…it’s looking really sad right now, but I’m hoping it rallies later when it warms up.

  2. ellieT says:

    I agree, the Iris foliage caught my attention immediately – it reminds me of origami or a finely pleated blouse

    • Andrew says:

      Definitely, when I picked them up in the fall I thought the flowers and fully grown plant were nice but if I’d known about this neat new growth maybe I’d have grown them just for that.

  3. meemsnyc says:

    It’s been awfully cold here so our bulbs have been slow to come up. Right now, we only have daffodils and a few crocuses blooming. I’m looking forward to the hyacinths.

    • Andrew says:

      You’re just a little bit ahead of me then I guess, I’ve got Daffodil buds (and it’s going to be a great show when they open) but no colour on them yet. I’m guessing another two weeks or so for them to be in full swing.

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  5. Sunny Ellis says:

    I spotted my first crocus’ this afternoon. Makes everything feel a bit warmer even though we just got hit with another cold front. The daffodils have pushed through the ground but no sign of buds yet. Can’t wait for full spring color

  6. Martha says:

    Very nice… I especially like the crocus, but I’ll settle for anything after a long winter. My bulbs have been growing slowly but steadily. Not one has bloomed yet but it should be any day now. Can’t wait!

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