Can anyone ID this plant?

I’ve been watching How I Met Your Mother the last few days (great show) and I’ve been impressed with the plants they’ve been using. In particular a few stunning Lady Palms (Rhapis excelsa) and a really nice Dracaena (I’ve seen it listed as ‘Janet Craig Compacta’ but have no idea if that’s an actual name or just a trade name…). I tried to find that one but will update if I see it again. 5 cane. Sweet.

Love the plant. These are maybe two of my favourite actors? Just saying.

But In a few scenes where they want to make a scene look retro and out dated they use this plant. It looks like a cross between a Dracaena’s stems, with the foliage of a Ponytail Palm and the inflorescences of some sort of Bromeliad hybrid. Never seen anything like this but I’m intrigued. Anyone know what it is?

What? Hey look, it’s Neil Patrick Harris and Alyson Hannigan, again. (Season 4 episode 15 if you want to see more of this plant – I think it made an appearance earlier as well.)

Anyway, if you’ve got any ideas about what this thing might be I’d love to know. (Update – Mexican Weeping Pine?)

I couldn’t find a better shot of that plant but… check out this sexy Dracaena.

Oh. Ya.


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10 Responses to Can anyone ID this plant?

  1. I’d have to see a bigger image. My first thought was Cordyline glauca, but I don’t actually think that’s it.

  2. mattisalomaki says:

    My guess is that it is as real as the storm trooper on the left. Funny, this brings up a thought I had about artificial plants. If you want a fake plant more even more believable…they should should come with brown tipping and a couple dead leafs on them. Matti

    • Andrew says:

      It’s possible it’s fake. It seems to move right (the palm anyway) but there are some artificial flowers (or maybe they just use new ones each episode) so it’s possible.

  3. I love that show… 🙂

    As for the plant in the second picture, I cannot imagine what real plant that I have ever seen it could possibly be modeled after. The closest resemblance I can think of is with some really long-needled species of pine (Pinus)…

  4. Benjamin says:

    You are crazy. Neil Patrick Harris? “Sometimes the best moments are the ones we think are the worst. I guess it took a toothpick and a spider for me to understand that.” [cheesy Doogie music……]

  5. goodtogrow says:

    That plant looks fake. Like a Dracaena marginata that they put fake flowers on. The leaves kinda look like pom-poms, not the flowers, the cheering aids cheerleaders use.

    It’s hard to concentrate on the plant with that wallpaper up in your grill!

    • Andrew says:

      It would be the easiest answer. And they certainly know how to make a house look dated on that show. The trouble is that then there are a bunch of plants I’m absolutely sure are real like the palm above (there are a few scenes where they move around and they move the way real plants do) but there are other plants that are definitely fake (most of the “outdoor” “trees” look pretty fake).

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