Episcia ‘Jim’s Patches’ in Semi-Hydro

We’ve traditionally had problems meeting the consistent moisture demands of Episcia, especially the hybrids with pink in their leaves (‘Pink Panther’ and ‘Unpredictable Valley’ being two that have died as a result). The problem is that they are awesome, and I want to grow them. Semi-Hydro seemed like a good method to try, so when I got a cutting of ‘Jim’s Patches’ in mid December I figured it would be the perfect time to try it out.

Episcia 'Jim's Patches'
December 12, 2010

Episcia 'Jim's Patches' - Full Plant
February 13, 2011 (that’s a 5″ orchid pot for reference)

Episcia 'Jim's Patches' - New Growth
You can see how quickly salts and minerals can build up in SH – very important to have a way to flush the media regularly.

Episcia 'Jim's Patches' - Stolons
My original cutting is now a grandparent. I’ll warp the stolons around the pot for the first little bit to keep it looking bushy.

Episcia 'Jim's Patches' - Roots
The roots growing down below the waterline have no problems at all with being submerged constantly.

These results are better than expected, and while I thought the results were good going back and looking at the picture of this plant as a cutting I was quite frankly shocked by how much growth it has put on in only two months. Now I’ll be honest here and point out that E. lilacina ‘Chocolate Velour’ has also been growing well, and has sent out a very long stolon, trying to get in a pot with anything around it. I’ll have to root one of these and grow it out in SH as well and see how much growth I can get from it in two months as well. I’ve also more recently picked up an Episcia ‘Jim’s Hall’s Choice’ (green and silver but interesting because it grows leaves in whorls of three, no pairs like most Episicia) which is also not growing in SH but I might just see the start of three stolons forming, so maybe I’ll get to try it that way too. Keep in mind if you’re trying this yourself a newly rooted cutting, or a cutting stuck directly into the media will do better than trying to clean off the roots and pot up separately, making it a safe and easy choice with anything that roots as easily as a Gesneriad.


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4 Responses to Episcia ‘Jim’s Patches’ in Semi-Hydro

  1. Scott Weber says:

    that foliage is outstanding!

  2. Elaine N says:

    This guy is look great — he must be very happy with that setup!

    What episcias really need to do their best is humidity. For the pink-leaved ones to do well, an enclosure/terrarium of some sort is required. They also need warmth, but my pink-leaved ones have survived some nights below 60F this winter without any damage.

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