SOOS Orchid Show, Part 3: “Orchid-Like” Orchids

Here are the common plants, the Phalaenopsis, Cattleya, and Oncidiums that are the gateway plants of the Orchid family. I only really took pictures of stunning plants or oddballs of the group, walking past crowded tables of Phals that look like you might see in a grocery store, hopefully this will make for a slightly more interesting look at some of the more common types of orchids.

Phal. stewartiana
Phal. stewartiana

Phal. equestris 'Orange'
Phal. equestris ‘Orange’

The species Phalaenopsis are slightly less common and slightly trickier to grow. They are also far more interesting, each with it own unique shape, colour and pattern, distinct from the overly large broad flat petaled things you’ll find everywhere.

Blc. Pamela Heatherington 'Coronation' FCC_AOS
Blc. Pamela Heatherington ‘Coronation’ FCC/AOS (Not really my thing, too frilly, too pink, too big.)

Slc. Hsin Buu Lady
Slc. Hsin Buu Lady – Absolutely love this colour on orchids, or any flowers really for that matter.

Ct. Red Charm
Ct. Red Charm – Not that this is a bad colour either.

Slc. Tutankamun
Slc. Tutankamun – But this just might be my favourite.

Blc. Chia Lin 'New City'
Blc. Chia Lin ‘New City’ – Interesting colour but the patterns on the lip are what really makes this one great.

Lc. C.G. Roebling 'Beechview' AM/AOS
Lc. C.G. Roebling ‘Beechview’ AM/AOS – this one gets bonus points for having awesome colour and a nice striping in the lip.

NOID Oncidium
NOID Oncidium – Didn’t catch the name of this one. They’re common and fairly plain but a large specimen in full bloom is still an impressive sight.

Psygmorchis pusilla
Psygmorchis pusilla – This was one of the most adorable plants in the show. I think I’m officially adding this to my wishlist.

Odontocidium El Tigre
Odontocidium El Tigre

Odontorettia Ronald Ciesinski 'Once & Again' AM_AOS
Odontorettia Ronald Ciesinski ‘Once & Again’ AM/AOS – This was displayed right beside a Masdevallia Tangerine Dream with the same colour flowers.

I actually forgot two big groups the other day when I was taking about how many posts there will be – Cymbidium and the Lady Slipper Orchids will need their own posts. I may throw Tolumnia and some oddball Oncidiums in with the Cymbidium too, since I don’t have a ton of pictures of them and this post is already pretty long.


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