SOOS Orchid Show, Part 2: Oddballs

I found myself really taking a lot of pictures of these guys today. I was very tempted by some stunning orange Masdevaellia in the sales area but there is no way I could provide the cool temperatures they need. As I wandered around the show they kept popping out at me.

Masdevaellia Lollypop 'Jth' HCC_AOS
Masdevaellia Lollypop ‘Jth’ HCC/AOS

This one has really subtle colours for the genus but is probably also one of my favourites I saw today.

Masdevallia davisii x Monarch
Masdevallia davisii x Monarch

This orange colour was fairly typical among the Masdevallia shown.

Masdevallia Copperwing 'Tangerine' AM_AOS
Masdevallia Copperwing ‘Tangerine’ AM/AOS

Masdevallia Tangerine Dream
Masdevallia Tangerine Dream

And two more.

There were also many members from the closely related genus Restrepia. I’m not sure if these need temperatures as cool as Masdevallia or not. They look sort of more like Bulbophyllum than Masdevallia, with more interesting patterns and subtle colours.

Restrepia citrina
Restrepia citrina

Restrepia branchypus 'Schlichting' AM_AOS
Restrepia branchypus ‘Schlichting’ AM/AOS

And here’s a plant I couldn’t find a name tag for, but is in one of these related genera.


I’ll post a few more “orchid-like” Orchids in Part 3 (of… ?) with Phalaenopsis, Cattleya, and Oncidium. I think Dendrobium can have their own post and then another mixed bag sort of post to round things out after that and if there are pictures left over I’ll post them further down the road. (Spoiler alert – there ends up being 7 posts total that will show up over the next two and a half weeks. They’ll be posted in groups that make sense as I just mentioned – I ended up with more than expected though. If you really want to skip ahead you can visit my set on Flickr to see the pictures without comments. And speaking of comments they’ll be pretty brief in all these posts, mostly pictures.)


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