What’s looking good now

It’s pretty quiet outside, nothing’s going on but it was warm enough today to go out and take some pictures. Here are two plants looking pretty good this winter.

Euonymus cv
Euonymus cv. – probably planted when the house was built 30+ years ago this thing’s now at least 2.5 meters tall (might be taller but it gets a good trim each spring). Could be ‘Canadale Gold’ but who knows. You can see some of the berries on it too though they don’t look as good as they did in the fall.

Hydrangea 'Kyushu'
Hydrangea ‘Snow Mountain’ – Not only do the flowers last a long time in late summer but they can stick on the plant all winter too.

I’m also working on updating my Tropical Plant List. Updated the Succulents today, going to tackle the Orchids & Gesneriads next week. Also drooling over Tillandsia pictures, maybe I’ll put together a compilation of plants I need to find when I don’t have anything else to post in January.

I’ve also decided to change the aspect ratio of my pictures. If I do print anything it will be at at least 6×8, not 4×6 so there’s no point cropping pictures at 4×6.


About Andrew

Plant lover living in Toronto, Canada where I grow a wide range of plants in a very small space.
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2 Responses to What’s looking good now

  1. You Euonymus looks pretty good for Toronto weather. Here they seem to get mighty crunchy looking.

    • Andrew says:

      Last year it dropped all its leaves. Usually it keeps them, just not looking quite this good. One really bad week aside it’s been a fairly mild winter here so far.

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