More Container Designs, Part 4 of 4

Here’s the last instalment of containers for this season. At first there are some pots I made earlier on when the going was good and customers didn’t have budgets and we still had materials.



Until this point I had avoided doing too many 360 degree designs. This one made me change my mind to some degree.


Dyed Magnolia & Gypsophila work well together but it was a bit of a pain to work with the Gypsophila. Funny story with this one – a customer came in while I was just starting this one and was going to place an order but instead just had me call him when these were finished, which was also perfect because I was able to double check that he had a covered area where dye from the Magnolia wouldn’t stain interlocking.


And now we’ve run out of materials. I didn’t like this one until it got some snow on it.


And after that first fairly heavy snowfall I made these containers designed to catch and play well in snow. Hopefully the Birch twigs will catch the snow on the Catkins and remaining leaves. In there center there’s seeded Eucalyptus and Magnolia over a basic skirt of Cedar.


And a closeup of the same.


Blurry picture but I didn’t do too many wreaths this year so I’m including it.


And the matching container.


I guess he liked it because he called me the next morning to order another but in red/gold for his sister.


I did two of these and put them out for sale and someone got them and their neighbour ordered two more the same. Here are the four pots waiting to go out on delivery.


And this was an order for someone who wanted red.


Trying to make something nice with what was left. Lucked out on the Hemlock since it had so many cones of its own.


When you run out of what you’d normally use you have to get creative with what’s left. So I stuck these dried fungus on sticks into some moss balls. Worked fairly well.



We’d had these Pepperberries in for ages and no one had touched them. The other thing I’ve been doing at this point is trying to clear out some of the pricier left-overs. The berries actually looked pretty good with the Eucalyptus.


Here were a few more of those “pricier left-overs” – Myrtle, Purple Pineapples, Leucadendron, Pepperberries…

And that was pretty much it. Maybe I’ll do a few more this weekend but at this point almost everyone who will get one of these has already picked them up. It’s been a fun season but I was starting to feel drained by the end. I feel like my pots improved by leaps and bounds from the first few back in November and the ones I was doing a month later in mid-December. And if you missed them you can check out Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.


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Plant lover living in Toronto, Canada where I grow a wide range of plants in a very small space.
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3 Responses to More Container Designs, Part 4 of 4

  1. Garden Sense says:

    Thanks for sharing your creative arrangements – good inspiration for using a variety of materials. Have a Merry Christmas!

  2. Very beautiful, glad you posted more.

  3. Martha says:

    Those are absolutely gorgeous! I especially love arrangements with lots of red in them.

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