More Container Designs, Part 3


I mentioned in Part 2 “an order for one “just like it but bigger” in every way” – this is it. Same basic elements but just more of everything, with some added gold.


Playing with some different colours here. Turned out well enough.


I ended up doing so very many of these. I showed a closeup from the first two in Part 1 – I think eventually I ended up making 13 of these, some identical, some a little different, and two completely different.


With gold pears…


In red.


Burgundy and gold are always a safe bet.


I made two of these just like this, one sold.


Then someone wanted the deer out of the remaining one so I replaced it with these. I did two more very similar for someone from scratch but didn’t take a picture for some reason.


Same basic idea – Someone wanted the deer so in went the birds. I think the whole thing looks a little more put together in this final version.



Another container using the Leucadendron ‘Spice’ which just worked so perfectly with those pomegranates. I like this ribbon too. It’s sort of natural, but in a glittery sort of way.


Purple and gold aren’t quite as popular as burgundy and gold but it still works. I think that’s a backdrop of Douglas Fir. So soft!


Simple natural/white. I really don’t like using pine.


I was given this order by a colleague who had gone around with the customer and picked out some stuff. I can be fun to work with materials you’d never choose on your own. In spite of the colour I really like how these turned out. The customer wanted a clean, simple, modern design that would be different. Different she got! (It doesn’t show well but that ribbon is actually a very light pink with a shine to it.)


And a closeup.


We don’t do them so often but here’s a door swag I decorated. The bottom’s cut off but it was really tall. Someone else did the greens and I decorated (Oh ya, and I only had 2 hours to do it) – at least the customer was happy.

Part 4 will likely be up soon and may be the final part. The season’s winding down. We’re out of most materials and at this point it’s a question of trying to make due with what we have/use up things we have too much of. I’m also trying to keep prices lower on the newer containers so there isn’t much left over at the end of the season.


About Andrew

Plant lover living in Toronto, Canada where I grow a wide range of plants in a very small space.
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3 Responses to More Container Designs, Part 3

  1. johnsgarden says:

    Some great designs Andrew. I misses the birds (that you used to replace the deer) when I was shopping. I’ll have to keep an eye out for them.

  2. Julie says:

    Love these colors…especially in the mid 2-5 photos! You do such gorgeous work!!! Wish I could come by to see them all!

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