Chlorophytum ‘Fire Flash’ An update of sorts.

Chlorophytum x 'Fire Flash'
An old picture of this plant from when I first got it.

I was watering my houseplants today (by bringing them to the sink and letting water run through the pots rather than the usual way of dumping some water in them when I think about it) when I started to really get to work on cleaning up my Chlorophytum ‘Fire Flash’. It was in rough shape – I had not only not cleaned it up from when I rescued it back in June but I had barely done anything with it when I brought it in the house. I did sort of isolate it though, which turned out to be for the best. Once it came into the house it became a favourite cat toy. It was looking pretty bad.

I started to clean it up and it was starting to look pretty good when I found Mealy bugs. They were mostly in the center of the plant, mostly on ancient bloom stalks which, presumably, were from flowers back in the winter (I know they were already on the plant when I got it in June).

Here’s what I’ve done. Worst case I lose a (free) plant and nothing else gets the bugs, best case I get a few clean plants.

I removed most leaves from the plant. They looked bad anyway. Sprayed the rest thoroughly with End-All II. This pot will be staying in quarantine. I don’t know where that will be exactly because there are plants in every room in the house but I’ll figure something out.

My backup plan involves trying to get some seeds to germinate to replace the mother plant. If I have any luck she will get tossed and replaced. There was only one pod on any of the three old bloom stalks that had opened on its own. Others were variously green or yellow, with (I’m guessing here) yellow being more ripe than the green ones. The seeds in the green pods were sort of sticky at any rate while the more yellow they got the easier it was to remove them from the pods. None of mine had turned black and dried out, including the one that was open? I got maybe 75-125 seeds? I’m not expecting a lot here. If this doesn’t work out I can always try to grab a clean ripe stalk off a plant at work.

I’ve briefly soaked them in very warm water and they’re on a thin layer of damp vermiculite. I guess I’ll put them under lights for the light and the warmth?


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