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I was finding the default keyboard on my Acer liquid E to be a bit of a pain to type with so I’ve just been checking out  a few options. I did not try many (most either don’t have a free version to try or just didn’t seem top have anything available at all – for example the closed beta only for Swype) but SlideIT is by far the best, easiest to use and fastest keyboard I did try. It takes a little bit of practice to get used to but really makes typing on a touch screen really simple.

Problems I have had include words containing the letter “p” (presumably  also “l”?) can get interrupted if your finger slides off the screen giving you two wrong words instead of one right word (it’s usually excellent at getting the right word, even if you don’t hit all the letters properly). All special characters can only be accessed through a button press (if you’re lucky, sometimes it can take more since there are several screens of these characters – parentheses take two clicks to get to, and apparently I use them a lot). One of my biggest problems with the default keyboard was not having any way to easily go back and edit text. You could try clicking and hope for the best but otherwise you were on your own. SlideIT has arrow keys to move through text but unfortunately they are hidden on there fourth page of special characters. It’s also really easy to hit backspace when you’re trying to move right, or space instead of down – a big problem if you’re trying to scroll through a lot of text and can’t easily see where the extra space ended up. It’s a little easier to click your way to a problem spot anyway but easier access to those buttons would be nice. There are also some handy looking cut/ copy/ paste buttons but don’t ask how I’m supposed to select text! (oh wait, double clicking works most of the time, but only if you only want to select one word) Also as I’ve been typing this I’ve also noticed that the enter button is much closer to the period button than I’d like.

I’ve actually typed this whole post on my phone with little to no problems. I’m also impressed with some of the words they’ve got built in to there dictionary. Like Rhododendron (would not have been fun to touch type that on the old keyboard!). Another nice feature is being able to switch to a standard touch keyboard, though trying it out I could not help but notice how many keys I hit wrong in a very short time.

I would probably say worth getting the free version, the frustrations with trying to select, edit, or even move through large amounts of text really limit the usefulness of this keyboard. The Swype/Slide mechanism is interesting and it’s a huge improvement over the stock keyboard but otherwise it needs some changes to justify spending money on it.

Oh, and speaking of Rhododendrons (were we? not really, oh well), I’ve tracked down a Lee’s Dark Purple even though we supposedly ran out of them at the start of the month. Hopefully I can get some space cleared for it tomorrow, and get the rest of my bulbs planted. I guess I also need to really start bringing plants back inside now that were hitting single digit overnight lows.

Sorry no pictures tonight with this post, I’ll try to get something something more plant related tomorrow.

(I’ve disabled comments on this post because 90% of my spam is here and I don’t want to spend as much time moderating spam comments. Now I guess I just wait and see if I get the same number on other posts now…)


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  1. How did you organise a mobile compatible layout? Would appreciate if your logo top right went to a 'how to' link as well. But you are blogging on a mobile aren't you? I would like to make my desktop/laptop blog mobile friendly …

  2. Andrew says:

    I let Google do all the work for me – here are some instructions but basically you just use[Full-Blog-Feed-URL]and it generates the simple view for you.My next step will be to try to make blogger detect if someone's using a mobile phone and adjust automatically but I'm not even sure where to start with that. I think WordPress does this automatically but so far nothing from Blogger.

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