Succulent ID

This was found at Ikea. Aloe x ?

Aloe hybrid

Aloe hybrid

Any ideas?


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9 Responses to Succulent ID

  1. Matti says:

    That is a tough one…there are so many aloes. You might see if it is on Aloe Studies Site

  2. Either an Aloe or an Agave: I can't think of any spotted Agaves, but I also can't think of many Aloes with that kind of margin, where there's a clear delineation between the leaf and the teeth. I don't think the two hybridize, so I'm at least half wrong.On the up side, by guessing two mutually exclusive things, I've doubled my chances of being at least partly right.

  3. God love IKEA….bargains without names. It's a beauty!

  4. Andrew says:

    Googling "Aloe hybrid" brings up a great many things that somewhat resemble my plant, none exactly like it.This and this or this being the closest I saw.Others have joined my wishlist.

  5. Agave generally have that single lethal spike at the point of the leaf, so definitely an Aloe – whatever it is, it's gorgeous!

  6. Megan says:

    It's definitely an aloe. Probably an Aloe saponaria (Matti forgot we had one). Did Ikea cement it in to the pot? We bought a trio of cacti a couple years ago that were literally cemented in to their tiny plastic pots. Never again.

  7. Andrew says:

    Hmm. Some pictures of Aloe saponaria look very close, others less so. The leaves on mine seem to be more curled over towards the tips (making the base of the leaves look even more flared). The spotting on A. saponaria is a little bit more even as well I think with more bands of spots across the leaf. The spines are closer to A. saponaria than many of the other hybrids out there and maybe it's the age of the plant but they seem a little bit more spaced out on A. saponaria? Very likely A. saponaria is at least a parent of my plant…I think I saw the same trios of cacti. I was looking at them but ended up not getting one. I'll admit though I haven't tried taking my Aloe out of its pot, hopefully it'll come out freely.I suppose I should have also mentioned that mine has a short trunk and several offsets forming at the base.

  8. Julie says:

    It looks like possibly an Aloe descoingsii…my book says it is a seamless rosette forming dense groups, dull green, recurved leaves 3 cm long and 1.5 cm wide at base. White excrescences gives leaves the appearance of being covered with white spots. Inflorescence 15 cm tall,scarlet-orange flowers. From Madagascar.Hope this might be it for you!Julie

  9. Andrew says:

    Julie – Looks similar but my plant is a fair bit larger than that (leaves to around 3" rather than 3cm)… But Googling that species may have just solved an even bigger ID question.

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