Irises Flowering

June is when my garden jumps into full bloom and it is safe to say I will have flowers from now until the snow falls.

I have a huge patch of Irises that has all come into bloom over the past week. It will be divided and thinned once they finish flowering but for now my yard is filled with colour.

Blue Iris
A very simple blue Iris but I love it. This makes up the bulk of the collection and we’ll only be keeping one (large) clump of it.

Iris 'Starship Enterprise'
Iris ‘Starship Enterprise’ is a stunning plant. Only one flower stalk from it this year though. It’s relatively new and we’ll be giving it more space after the cleanup.

Yellow Iris
This yellow Iris is nice enough but I find it a little boring. A small patch of this will be kept.

Purple Veined Iris
The first year this one has flowered. The base of the leaves also has a very interesting purple cast to it. It’s an intermediate sized Iris and would likely bridge the gap in flowering time between the dwarf Irises and the super tall ones but it had been kept in the shade then moved this spring when a sunny area opened up. It may actually move to the front yard.

Siberian Iris
I also have two patches of Siberian Iris, this one is beside a bird bath, the other in the front yard that is not flowering.

Peach Iris
I was really happy with where this one ended up. Didn’t know what colour it was at the time but it should work well with the plants around it (not that there’s much overlap in flowering time anyway…)

Rust Coloured Iris
And there’s also this one. Not really a huge fan… Oh well. I guess it’s not terrible.

Also very happy with the heavy rain we have finally started to get. Extremely dry winter and spring, barely any rain in April, nothing of value during a hot and generally dry May and now finally a week with rain and cooler temperatures is very welcome.


About Andrew

Plant lover living in Toronto, Canada where I grow a wide range of plants in a very small space.
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  1. Very nice pictures. I could say more, but that's basically what it would boil down to, "very nice pictures."

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