Musical Musings.

Musings is better than Mondays because I don’t have to post on Mondays and it still gets the point across. And I’ve been posting enough about plants this month I can take a few minutes to write about something else.

I picked up Plastic Beach, the new Gorillaz album today. I like it I think. I guess if you liked their first two CDs you’ll maybe like this? It’s not exactly the same, much like Demon Days was not like Gorillaz. It plays very well as an album.

You can listen to Stylo (feat. Mos Def & Bobby Womack) here. It’s the first single off the album. It grows on you. I think I prefer On Melancholy Hill which if I remember right will be a future single.

Edit – Rhinestone Eyes is an awesome song off this CD, maybe my favourite. It seems to have swallowed up the demo Electric Shock. Stylo is good, Empire Ants, Glitter Freeze, On Melancholy Hill, & Broken stand out as the best tracks off this album. Also is it wrong that I keep trying to type “Plastic Beech?”

Switching over to something a little different now I’ve also been listening to some Goldfrapp. I’d heard the name but never the music and now I have and I like it. Pretty well all of it. It would I guess be fair to say that I don’t dislike any of it. Highlights include the first album Felt Mountain but especially Human, Pilots, and Utopia. There was a Bonus disk released with the UK and Spanish which is even more amazing (I will be trying to buy this version). Black Cherry is not a bad CD but doesn’t stick out in my mind. I listened to it twice today but honestly couldn’t comment on anything in particular. Supernature is fantastic, and We Are Glitter which features remixes off Supernature is similarly fantastic. Seventh Tree is the newest CD – it’s more down-tempo (like Felt Mountain) but different in that is has a more acoustic folky sound compared to the orchestral/electronic sounds on Felt Mountain. There’s also a new CD coming out… Soon? March 22 apparently. Rocket was apparently released as a single yesterday. It has a very 80’s sound. And now you’re up to date on all their music.

Pilots (On a Star) is my favourite song by the band and it has a very good video that matches the song well – you can watch it here. The song also showcases her fantastic voice.

And to finish off here’s an excellent link to a comic about summer. And next winter. And endless summers. Check it out. My take – Sure winter makes you excited for spring… but it doesn’t have to be so long or so cold.


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Plant lover living in Toronto, Canada where I grow a wide range of plants in a very small space.
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3 Responses to Musical Musings.

  1. Aerelonian says:

    I LOVE Goldfrapp! It's just so fun and whimsical. Some of the new CD songs have already leaked. I've only listened to one of the new Gorillaz songs called Stylo. The only reason I know about it is because the music video was posted on a graphic design/short movie blog I frequent. ( quite liked it but haven't gotten around to listening to any others yet.I tend to listen to most of my music on now. It's about $4 a month. You add songs to personal radio stations and it will recommend music to you. You can't play all the songs on cue though. So if you need absolute control and need to determine play list orders yourself I wouldn't recommend it. Otherwise it's awesome!

  2. Andrew says:

    I've recently started listening to music all the way a CD. I'm not even sure if my MP3 player has a random button (yes of course it probably does but I've never gone looking).Sometimes I do like random and I do like new. So maybe I'll have a look at that. $4 a month isn't a ton of money. Certainly less than I spend on plants (I think I could stop buying plants right now this year and I'd still work out to more than $4/month for the next two years just from January/Febrary).

  3. Aerelonian says:

    It's worth a try. I listen for about 20 hours every month. And it's only on a monthly basis so you can cancel no problem with no fees. Wow apparently I've turned into an advertiser. This almost constitutes spamming. 🙂

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