Picture Archives: Europe 2008 Part 1: The Exchange.

Going through my old pictures it was hard not to stumble on pictures from my awesome 6 week trip that started as a 3 week exchange at Oxford Brookes University through England, to Ireland, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, the south of France, Spain, Paris and back to England (and looking at those pictures it was so easy to remember how amazing it was and how much I wish I were back there).

I’ve started to re-process those pictures for better colour, straighten some horizons and get things looking good. Here are a few plant pictures from the first three weeks in England (and a weekend in Ireland) during the exchange program.

Corpus Christi
Some sort of double cherry or flowering almond at Corpus Christi College in Oxford.

View south to Wicklow Head
Looking south from the Black Castle ruins at Wicklow to Wicklow Head, the eastern most point in Ireland through what I suspect is Armeria maritima, Sea Thrift.

Walking back to Oxford from The Trout
The neat shapes of a fallen tree reflecting in the calm water on a long walk back from The Trout to Oxford.

Flowers on Harcourt Hill
Some sort of Apple/Crabapple near our residence on Harcourt Hill, just west of Oxford.

Laburnum x Waterii
Laburnum x waterii were coming into flower while we were there. They’re hardy here but not that common – they’re very common in England though. I’m sure they do much better in their warmer wetter climate.

Wisteria is common as well. Houses were covered in the stuff but apparently this was the only picture I took.

I suppose many Clematis weren’t flowering yet but this one was. Nice purple leaves with light pink flowers were enough to catch my less well horticulturally trained eye even then.

I have a lot more pictures to go through but I hope I’ll be able to get Part 2: The Vacation put together for next week. Maybe, maybe not. I think my video card has died on me and now I don’t seem to be able to set my monitor’s resolution to its native resolution of 1440×900 or anything with the same aspect ratio, which is a bit of a problem. That said I’m going to be spending tomorrow trying to get my computer to work properly… umm. Otherwise it’ll be a while longer. Hey, it’s been two years already what’s the rush? (If I can’t make it work odds are good it’s a new computer, not a replacement card – this computer’s not good enough to upgrade it anymore.

I suppose it’ll give me some time off the computer to finish my indoor plant list. Though if i have to get a new computer it’ll take a while to sort/move files to my external hard drive… Ugh I hope I can get it working again.


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