Ludisia discolor flower

This opened for me this morning. Yay! A few days ago I also noticed that I have a second spike just starting to develop on another stalk so I should have some flowers on this plant basically non stop well into spring (maybe with a gap between spikes but we’ll see).

Ludisia discolor
Ludisia discolor flower

Here’s a picture of the whole plant. It is in a 4″ pot and is currently 22″ tall from the soil to the top of the bloom stalk (no doubt at all it will pass 2′ before it finishes).

Ludisia discolor
Ludisia discolor

I grow it in extremely low light in a north window with no additional lighting. I water it when I think of it and that seems alright, though I never keep it dry for too long. I’m sure it would be happier with better soil and more water but maybe because it gets so little light it isn’t as picky about water. I don’t know. My room is also usually warm and humid and it hasn’t complained about that at all. Actually they’re often grown in terrariums because they are well suited to warm, wet and humid conditions. Just, you know, terrariums that are 2′ tall or more.


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Plant lover living in Toronto, Canada where I grow a wide range of plants in a very small space.
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5 Responses to Ludisia discolor flower

  1. Aerelonian says:

    Very nice plant. It really has an elegant look to it.

  2. This is really good to know. I've been considering L. discolor for my fern germination terrarium… now I'm pretty sure it will work. Your photos are so lovely!

  3. Andrew says:

    I actually had mine in my terrarium until it outgrew it.The leaf at the left hand side with the piece missing from the tip got burned when the leaf was basically growing against the lid beside the lights.

  4. Anonymous says:

    pls tell me what do you do with old, dry, flower?Do you cut it and how exactly?My beautiful >Ludisia rejecting her flower after a month, and I can't find how to help her. You can find me on if you read my sladjaljubic@gmailcom ,'cause I don't have a blog…

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