Haworthia limifolia var. limifolia buds & more

I shouldn’t take credit for this probably because of how short a time I’ve had this plant but I totally will anyway, because I can.

Haworthia limifolia var. limifolia buds developing very quickly

The flowers are supposed to be less than spectacular but I don’t mind, also from the looks of things they’ll probably be pretty small.

And on another note – propagation.

There are a few types of propagation that should be very easy with this species. Easiest would be just to divide the plant. Bam, now you have two plants. But that’s not fun or unusual.

Next were the runners I had pouring out the drainage hole of the pot. Many had little plantlets on the ends which had to be taken off (as they wouldn’t fit back through the holes they were sticking out of). I Potted one up separately and just just bent another to be above the soil line instead.

This is the largest little plant I have growing. It already looked like this only a bit smaller when I bought the plant. I need to re-bury the thick root you can see here, it seems to have been uncovered during watering.

This was sort of strange to me – these didn’t seem like runners. Runners normally go out from the plant at or near the top of the soil (or if they do go somewhere else straight down is usually not where they go!) and then sprout at the top of the soil as well. So how come every single root coming out of the pot had a small plant at the tip? When I uprooted it I found that all the roots are tipped in a rough tip, not a normal smooth one. The roots were not similar to what I was used to with any other plant either. The roots were wrapped around the bottom of the pot fairly tightly and while I was loosening them two more root pieces broke off. Oops. These did not have plants at the end, only the jagged tip of the funny roots (almost like the scales on a cedar or cypress branch). Well now they are starting to change colour – they are turning into little plants.

This is the second smallest. You can maybe just make out the leaves forming at the tip of the root. Focus is not good here unless you’re trying to get a good look at Perlite but it gets the point across – there’s a root and at the tip of the root there’s a plant.

Further reading about these plants for some unrelated reason (I think I was asking the internet what soil to use with them when re-potting) I found someone talking about the same thing here (under Propagation from roots), though it seems like they’re suggesting that the other end of the root (top vs. tip) be above ground? I’ll have to experiment with this next time I’ve got a few spare roots lying around but in the meantime I’ll take my (early) progress as a good sign and see how these grow.

While on the subject of flowers that are not overly exciting I should finally have Ludisia discolor flowers open very very soon (my guess – 4 days). You’ll get to see these as soon as they open (lucky you!) and I’ll try to get a decent full plant shot so I can ask the internet why is it doing what it’s doing (ooh, the suspense!)?


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Plant lover living in Toronto, Canada where I grow a wide range of plants in a very small space.
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